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We have put a lot of thought, energy and research into developing the best and most targeted workshops for you. These are designed to help you all to come together in a social, inspired but educational forum, to really help you get unstuck from unhelpful coping patterns and develop the agile mindset. Take a look at what we are offering below.


with modern mindfulness.


learn the concepts from our renowned AGILITY program fast and thrive in life.


push yourself to change your unhelpful patterns to be a better you and find your right path.

Workshops for your BOSS

Our online, video-training program, AGILITY

is the perfect program for providing your workplace and team mates with the tools and skills to navigate their emotional and mental issues, that is important to any modern boss who is looking to achieve the healthiest team for the best results. We offer corporate workshops and subscriptions. Tell your boss to contact us to find out more.

Ace anything &
everything, life
throws your way.

Coaching with Dr Amy

Dr Amy Willinge is a practicing Clinical Psychologist

You can gain so much from joining us online and working through our AGILITY program in your own time and at your own pace or during our Power Cycles. You will gain fundamental skills for emotional and psychological management. Couple that with the daily practices we have developed and you will be well on your way to feeling capable and confident to confront your issues and improve your life path!

Some of you may feel like you want even more personal focus on your problems or difficulties and may benefit from one to one coaching in the AGILITY program. We can offer targeted coaching in one off sessions, or ongoing sessions. We are Sydney, Australia based, however can provide video-conferencing consults on request. Contact us to find out more.

Dr Amy Willinge & her team at Willinge Psychology run an expert treatment practice

You may have a diagnosed mental health condition or be suffering from chronic illness and feel you need more support to get you started on your recovery journey. For our Sydney crew, we also offer clinical psychological therapy, that is supported with medicare rebates. There may also be telehealth options for those living outside of Sydney.

These sessions are administered at our Sydney, Australia CBD office. Find out more and book an appointment here.

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“You have the power to make a difference to your life and happiness right now”.

– Dr Amy, co-founder AGILITY