Mind Sweat Podcast

If you are someone who prefers audio gold, you can get Dr Amy’s 15 minute Mind Sweat Video sessions here in podcast form.

Dr Amy Willinge’s mind sweat sessions are here to get those mind juices flowing. They are just 15 minutes long so you can do a quick, but highly impactful sesh, to stretch your brain to learn something and reflect on something for you and your life.

We will release a new podcast every three weeks on relatable topics of the science and psychology of your mind and life. This will help you to build a healthy and balanced mindset and make you an expert on all things mental!

Mind Stretch Podcast

This is a special series of podcasts, designed to inspire and to stretch your mind to think, question, create and grow.

Hear Dr Amy interview experts in the field of health, science and wellbeing, to inspire, educate and motivate you to be your best self.

Recorded by Dr Amy, you will also find a mindfulness series to help you to stretch out and calm the mind. Our mindfulness series is targeted at giving you a simple and gentle introduction to mindfulness and to enhance regular practice to acquire skills in this invaluable area.

Learnings, teachings and tips & tricks

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“You have the power to make a difference to your life and happiness right now”.

– Dr Amy, co-founder AGILITY