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Clinical Psychologist & Health Scientist

I have spent the most part of the last 15 years researching and talking with people just like you – working through their problems, helping them gain understanding and insight into themselves, their emotions and their passions and to train them to reach their potential without the barriers that hold so many of us back! I have seen a lot of pain and suffering, but also an inspiring amount of human strength and resilience.

A mindset coach, weight & nutrition expert,
writer, podcaster & well-being fanatic.

I love what I do and have always loved being with people, helping others, hearing their stories and working towards improvement. So often when I sit with my clients, teaching them psychological concepts and life skills, they are struck by how powerful it is to understand some basic human psychology and apply it to their life, problems, relationships and self.

I’m passionate about bringing the skills that I teach every day, to everyone.

At my core, I love being an Aussie girl, living in Sydney, with my own little family.

I have Dutch heritage and account my love for all things Euro (think, big Italian reds, decedent soft cheeses, pebbled seascapes and daily siesta’s) to this! I have a naturally curious mind (yes, I sit at coffee shops and try to analyse the dating status of the couples around me) and can’t stop myself from diving into a chat with my friends, trainer, hairdresser, coffee shop guy and everyone in between, about their lives, passions, inspirations and what drives their life choices and goals!

Live a content & happy life & create some balance in my life today

Personally, I’ve been doing my best to live a content and happy life and create some balance, amongst all chaos that is life today! Sometimes I do that well, sometimes I do it terribly. However, through my professional experience and personal passion for living the life lessons that I’ve learnt and teach in my professional life, I am confident that if you stick with my AGILITY wellness program, I can help you navigate your journey in the best possible way.

Ace anything &
everything, life
throws your way.

Improving emotional health
& lifestyle with the AGILITY

Agile Mind+Life & my renowned AGILITY program, developed from my passion to bring the science of psychology to everyone and anyone who is willing and wanting to improve their emotional health and lifestyle and to deal with problems in a way that is effective, scientifically sound, tested and proven; and in a fun and relatable way!

I want to help you to develop emotional awareness, build daily habits, feel supported and gain confidence, direction and fulfillment. I have designed this space for you and know you will get so much from it!

Learnings, teachings and tips & tricks

Relatable, real and informed. I’m passionate about treating mental health conditions,
increasing awareness and understanding about mental health

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“You have the power to make a difference to your life and happiness right now”.

– Dr Amy, co-founder AGILITY