AGILITY, a 7 week
wellness program

Transform your life

AGILITY is a 7 module,
video-based online training

It teaches proven strategies, so you can have optimal emotional and psychological health, for those who want to dominate their potential and be the happiest, most successful and content in their life, relationships, work and pursuits.

Our online mental wellness program will transform your life by helping you embrace learnings from psychology, health and wellbeing to create your best mindset and life journey.

A little psychologist in your pocket,

Our wellness program brings skills of clinical psychology directly to you in a simple, relatable and scientifically informed way! It’s a no bullshit approach to mental health and wellbeing. We will tell it how it is, and what you have to do to do life better – and you will love how it makes you feel!

Whether you are brand new to psychology or have some knowledge and are ready to grow, AGILITY will guide you in the right direction to overcome your personal barriers and be the best you can be.

AGILITY is released in weekly modules
with easy-to-follow videos

It also includes done-for-you templates, resource lists, and growth-worksheets. All of the
training is online inside a private, AGILITY member only site. You can view the training
videos, connect with others, and compare notes with other inspirational members.

Includes interactive components to ensure that our members take consistent action

Interactive components ensure that our members take consistent action and receive the highest value from their investment. During our Power Cycles, you will have access to weekly Surge-Sessions where Dr Amy answers questions and offers specific advice to enhance your learning. Every member will also have access to a one of our expert well-being Mentors of your choice, who is available during Power Cycles, to give you individualised feedback and advice.

You can join the AGILITY program at any time and work through it at your own pace. Or, you can join during our Power Cycles and can participate with other like minded people and work through the training in just 7 weeks. Whenever you sign up, you’re an AGILITY member for life. You can retake the program for free each Power Cycle, for as long as the program exists. AGILITY program more

Three times a year AGILITY is
offered during a Power Cycle.

Three times a year AGILITY is offered during a Power Cycle. What makes a Power Cycle unique is that you are working through the program across a 7 week period, at the same pace as a group of other AGILITY members. This means you can chose to have access to insights, questions, comments and support from fellow participants in our private members area, to gain extra support from others and hear other peoples journey and successes.

During Power Cycles you also have unique access to our amazing wellness Mentors. If you join during a Power Cycle you can select a mentor of your choice that really speaks to your personal goals, so you can get the most out of the program and personal feedback along the way.

Dr Amy Willinge is the
co-founder of Agile Mind+Life
and the teacher of the AGILITY
wellness program

Dr Amy Willinge is a highly experienced clinical psychologist and expert in mindset training, well being and health.

She has always had a drive towards science, health and well being and attained a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology and a Masters of Science from the University of Sydney. She has worked for many years as a clinical psychologist, meeting, assessing and treating people from all walks of live with various illnesses, stressors, problems and limitations. Some of her work has been in public and private mental health hospitals, helping people who really feel at their rock bottom. A lot of her work has been in her clinical psychology private practice, sitting with people everyday, listening to them, training them, helping them and ultimately learning so much about humans and the highs and lows of surviving in this crazy world.

AGILITY has been developed from her passion to bring the science of psychology to everyone and anyone who is willing and wanting to improve their emotional health and lifestyle and to deal with problems in a way that is effective, scientifically sound, tested and proven; and in a fun and relatable way. By joining our online wellness program, she wants to help you to develop emotional awareness, build daily habits, feel supported and gain confidence, direction and fulfillment.

She has designed it for you and knows you will get so much from it!
She has developed the program based on years of experience sitting with real people with lots of real life experiences, problems and goals. She uses her knowledge to help you not only learn the right way based on zillions of research papers and clinical hours spent training others – but the BEST and SIMPLEST way too!

Mentors - A diverse group of highly experienced health professionals at the top of their field, to give you support in the areas most important to you.

The mentors are regular contributors to the program and will offer regular insights, comments and thought provoking commentary. If you join during our Power Cycles, you will have the opportunity to select a mentor of your choice, to be available during the 7 week program for more personal insights and guidance. Meet our mentors:

Fitness specialist
Nutrition & Fitness expert
Relationship expert
Clinical psychologist
Life coach
Mindfulness expert
Entrepreneur and business mindset expert

Ace anything &
everything, life
throws your way.

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How much does AGILITY
cost? An investment in your
wellbeing, teaching you life
long skills.

AGILITY is our 7-week interactive, online mental wellness
program that will transform your life! There are 3 ways to join
the AGILITY Program:

Annual subscription to Agile Mind+Life

You will get access to the entire AGILITY program, that you will then have access to for life. You will also get member only bonus content and information packs and have access to the Agile Mind + Life member area, where Dr Amy is a regular contributor and you can engage, chat with and connect with like-minded people in our Agile M+L community.


There is a minimum 12 month subscription required. After that time you can continue to subscribe to get awesome content. You will continue to have access to our AGILITY program for life.


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A one off payment

You can join the AGILITY program at any time, or during a Power Cycle. This gives you access to the entire program, for life. If you join outside of a Power Cycle, you can access the program during a future Power Cycle to benefit from the extras available during these intensely supported training cycles.


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Corporate subscriptions

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