Mind sweat videos

Watch Dr Amy in action doing what she does best – talking to people and teaching them invaluable life skills!

She wants to inspire you to be better by backing yourself, being confident and embracing your life in a positive and healthy way. In order to do this, you need to trust yourself and trust that you know what you are doing. So, she wants to help you to sweat your mind a little, to challenge yourself, learn and grow and get to understand yourself better to ensure that you have the best and healthiest mindset for all you need for success in life. Dr Amy’s videos are just 15 minutes long so you can do a quick, but highly impactful sesh with a real clinical psychologist, to stretch your brain to learn something and reflect on topics that are relevant to you and your life.

We will release a new video every three weeks on relatable topics of the science and psychology of your mind and life. This will help you to build a healthy and balanced mindset and make you an expert on all things mental!

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“You have the power to make a difference to your life and happiness right now”.

– Dr Amy, co-founder AGILITY